Amazon expertise

Our Amazon expertise is directed at companies that already sell through Amazon as well as companies that are currently planning to join the Amazon channel.

How We Work

For companies already active on Amazon, we analyse their current Amazon business and place important areas such as their sales or marketing strategy in context with their Amazon market environment. For companies planning to enter this market, we evaluate their existing trading business, highlighting the strengths that will make it easier for you to get started.

The emphasis of our Amazon expertise is to identify your current status quo or ‘Amazon readiness” via different analytical methods. Based on the analysis results, we develop all necessary optimisation measures and convey concrete recommendations regarding actions for both your company and the teams involved. Additionally, we calculate a revenue potential for you for the following 12-18 months, assuming that all proposed measures are implemented within a predefined period. Ultimately it will be your decision whether you make us part of the implementation or integrate the necessary steps independently.

The main advantages are:


Analyse your Amazon business model and your direct competition in Europe on Amazon


Disclosure of your current optimisation potentials, as well as clearly defining current measures and next steps


Development of a business plan, based on the proposed optimisations for the next 12-18 months

One Thing Is Certain

After analysis, you'll develop a brand-new view of the Amazon channel, enabling you to move your Amazon business forward with the right priorities.

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Featured cases

Mar 2020 — Apr 2020
Amazon marketing strategy: Sales and ACoS optimization

By integrating relevant generic keywords into the campaign structure, the campaign turnover in the period April vs. March 2020 was increased by an average of approx. + 32.7% and the ACoS was reduced by -671bps...

Feb 2020 — Jun 2020
Amazon Hybrid Strategy

By implementing a hybrid strategy in the Corona crisis...


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