Annual Negotiation Strategy

With over 400 annual interviews conducted during our time as Amazon Managers and Consultants, we have gained much experience in our portfolio that you can revert to. Never again go unprepared into your negotiations. Work with us to develop the optimal negotiation strategy for your Amazon Vendor business.

How We Work

During our time at Amazon, we established that <10% of vendors were sufficiently prepared for their conversations.

As a result, only <20% of vendors achieve their goals

So, get it right with us!


We analyse the relevant KPIs, compare your goals with potential Amazon goals, and define the "Zone of possible Agreement" (ZOPA)


We develop a customised negotiating strategy based on relevant facts


We prepare your strategy in a document and "coach" your negotiators

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Featured cases

Mar 2020 — Apr 2020
Amazon marketing strategy: Sales and ACoS optimization

By integrating relevant generic keywords into the campaign structure, the campaign turnover in the period April vs. March 2020 was increased by an average of approx. + 32.7% and the ACoS was reduced by -671bps...

Feb 2020 — Jun 2020
Amazon Hybrid Strategy

By implementing a hybrid strategy in the Corona crisis...


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